Welcome to Crossroads!


From the Student Leaders of Crossroads… We say “Welcome to Crossroads!”

A word from our student leaders…

The student leaders were asked to welcome people to Crossroads, and what the ministry meant to them… here is what they said…

Connor McVey, Crossroads Co-Resident and Co-Social Engineer

What does Connor say about Crossroads?

“Entering my fourth year at Minnesota State Mankato, I can look back to all the awesome things Crossroads helped me with as a student, and as a man. These things include worship, fellowship, and bible study. Growing in my faith has been an important part of my journey in college and I hope the same can be said for you when senior year comes around. Crossroads helps to nurture faith and provide a sense of community for all who seek it. I’m also one of the student residents, so don’t be afraid to stop by and say hi.”

Aaron Geringer, Crossroads LGBT Coordinator

What does Aaron say about Crossroads?

“Crossroads is a place where no one will judge you or try to change who you are as a person. The only thing on our agenda is to provide a safe, welcoming place of worship and sharing Christ’s Love. We welcome ANYONE with any sort of identity or faith background to come as you are and join this incredible family.”  

Alyssa Lillehaugen, Crossroads Student Board President

What does Alyssa say about Crossroads?

I am excited for all to join the Crossroads family this fall. Crossroads has been a crucial part of my college experience and I can’t wait to bring this feeling to others. Crossroads is welcoming, crazy, and a great community. I can’t wait to see all the new faces at worship!” 

Katie Murphy, Crossroads Co-Connections Coordinator

What does Katie say about Crossroads?

“I love coming to Crossroads for its welcoming and loving environment. Crossroads is like the home away from home. It’s the place that I can stay close to God.”

Tierney Kelsey, Crossroads Co-Connections Coordinator

What does Tierney say about Crossroads?

Crossroads is what centers my busy life. Whenever I come to Tuesday Lunch for $1 or Wednesday worship, I feel at peace. I love bringing my friends and sorority sisters to Crossroads! They always feel welcome!

Wes Huntington, Crossroads Co-Resident, Co-Social Engineer and Communications Specialist

What does Wes say about Crossroads?

“Welcome to Crossroads. My faith has always been strengthened by people around me who feel the same connection to God as I do. My hope is that when you come here, you get the same vibe and connection as everyone else.” 

We hope you enjoy Crossroads in 2015-16.  We have a lot of things in the works, so check back to the website early and often for updates on events we have coming up and other things that may be of interest to you! 

Crossroads Student Leaders

Student Board President: Alyssa Lillehaugen
Residents/Social Engineers: Connor McVey and Wes Huntington (he is also our Communications Specialist for 2015-16)
Connections Coordinators: Katie Murphy and Tierney Kelsey