Welcome to Crossroads!

 Join Us As We Love and Learn About GodDSCN3191

From the Student Leaders of Crossroads… We say “Welcome to Crossroads!”

Student Board 2016-17: Alyssa Lillehaugen, Katie Murphy, Jaycee Nelson, McKayla Meier and Jonathan Soucek

“Crossroads has been the center of my busy college life. It’s where I find God, peace, love, and a community within the craziness of college. I can go there and leave all my stress behind and focus on God. I can go there and find a loving and welcoming community there to support me. I can go there and find peace. My favorite part of Crossroads is bible study. I feel safe to be curious and ask questions and learn more about our loving God.”- Katie Murphy

Crossroads Student Leaders


Katie Murphy, Connections Coordinator

Year: Senior

Major: RPLS (Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services)


Jonathan Soucek, Communications Coordinator

Year: Third Year

Major: Political Science and History


Jaycee Nelson

Year: Senior

Major: Accounting


McKayla Meier, Non-Student Leader

Year: Just Graduated

Major: Human Resources