Our Story

We’re always being made new…but we’ve been around for a LONG time!

Crossroads began in 1922 as a Lutheran club called the Daughters of the Reformation on the campus of the Mankato State Teachers College. Throughout its diverse history, Crossroads has been a vibrant voice for Lutheran Christians in connection with the Mankato area congregations and the many expressions of Minnesota State University-Mankato.

Our Purpose Statement is– Crossroads provides opportunities to experience the love of Jesus.  “Just as Jesus met the woman at the well, so we meet people where they are and invite them to come and experience the love of Jesus.”  John – Chapter 4

 Guiding Principles

1.     Welcoming and honoring all.

We create an environment within our community of honesty, trust and support. Each person’s fundamental being and integrity are valued. Following Christ’s commands to love each other, and not to judge others, we offer complete acceptance to all so that everyone can grow in their faith.

2.     Discovering and responding to God’s call.

We value multiple ways of knowing God and exploring faith through the community that shares God’s love.  We encourage people to search for God in their lives, however God may be revealed to them.

3.     Transforming lives through relationships centered in Jesus.

God works in peoples’ lives through worship, serving others and community, to give us hope, strength, and joy.  Working together, we strive to guide people through their journeys so that God can strengthen them through faith, hope and love.

4.     Serving through the example of Jesus.

We serve by following the example of Jesus, who works through us in love, service and worship; we do this to glorify God.

We’re a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, directed by the Southeastern Minnesota Synod of the ELCA. We’re here to respond to the call of the Holy Spirit through the Gospel. We gather together to hear the Word of God proclaimed, experience the presence of Christ in the sacraments , and be about God’s mission in the world. The community gathers in the name of the Triune God. We confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior and that the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, is the power of God for the salvation of all of creation and for all who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord.

Please join us!


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