Board of Directors

What does the Crossroads Board of Directors do?

  • Meetings: Board members work together to oversee and further the mission of Crossroads, which is “to provide opportunities to experience the love of Jesus.” This work happens during spring and fall Board retreats, serving on a sub-committee, and attending three regularly scheduled Board meetings in January, March and August.
  • Monetary Support: Board members are expected to contribute financially to the ministry, at whatever level they are able, above and beyond the time they commit. They should be the first to give in response to the needs of the campus ministry. While all Board members are expected to give to Crossroads, the Development sub-committee focuses on inviting others to share their gifts with the ministry, as well.
  • Oversight:  Board members provide administrative and fiscal oversight of Crossroads. They maintain the agency’s nonprofit status, keep financial records and evaluations of the board’s work, and provide guidance, support, and evaluation of staff in the exercise of their ministry. The board makes provisions for adequate salary and other benefits for Crossroads staff. This function is served by the Crossroads Board of Directors Executive Committee.
  • The facilities: Board members take on the responsibilities of owning, maintaining, and improving facilities for ministry. Board members are responsible for long-term care of the facilities, and for providing adequate space for the ministry to function. If capital improvements need to be made, the board will work to see that funds are available or secured. The Facilities sub-committee is responsible for this aspect of the Board’s work.
  • Relationships: Board members interpret the ministry to congregations and other constituents. Board members are frontline interpreters of the ministry, in part because they know it well. Board members on the Church Relations sub-committee take on the responsibility for communicating and interpreting the ministry of Crossroads to supportive and interested congregations.

Board of Directors Job Description 2015

Application for the Crossroads Board of Directors, January 2015

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