Welcome to Crossroads!

Welcome to Crossroads. Thanks for visiting us online!

To find out what’s happening today, check out the “Weekly Calendar” tab on the top of the website. To find out about the pastor and student leaders at Crossroads, check out the “Ministry Leaders” tab. To find out who we are, hover over the “All Are Welcome” tab- you’ll see links to who we are as a ministry, and to the history of Crossroads.

To support the ministry, use this link:


Basically…if it’s Monday, come to ManDate at 6pm. If it’s Tuesday, come to lunch for a buck between 11am-1pm. If it’s Wednesday come to worship at 8pm. All other times, come by to say hello to Pastor Tammy or to Connor and Tyler, who live at Crossroads. The building is usually open.

Thanks again for stopping by. God bless you!


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