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Pictures, messages and the most up-to-date information about Crossroads Events and Activities can be found on our Facebook friends group. You can also check out the pictures and info on this website, especially the “Our Ministry” tab.

When you’re on campus, stop by and say “hi” to Pastor Tammy, Rachel, Wes or Connor, or anyone else you meet. Check out the downstairs, where the Campus Cupboard food pantry is located, and then go upstairs to the residence, where everything in the fridge that doesn’t have someone’s name on it is up for grabs. Sit down on the couch and make yourself at home- that’s what we hope Crossroads can be for you, a home away from home!

God bless you!

Here’s a story. It’s a true one.

One night, a college student had a dream. On a day like any other, Jesus came back to earth. He walked around for a while, and then he called all the Christians together. He said, “Before I left, I told you to feed the hungry. I told you to take care of the homeless. I told you to visit people in prison. There are still hungry people, people who are homeless and lonely people without hope, but you don’t have time to take care of them because you’re busy arguing about whether a man can marry another man or a woman can be a pastor. They don’t know you by your love. Some of them don’t even think you know me at all. What happened?” And then Paige woke up.

We’re trying to be busy doing the things Jesus said. If you want to help, come to Crossroads and volunteer in the Campus Cupboard, make lunch for 80 people on Tuesday or help out the Campus Kitchen. Be part of a community that makes a home for the homeless and befriends the lonely. Pray, worship and learn about God. Set aside opinions and love people. Be the change in the church you want to see- be the change in the church Jesus wants to see.

DSCN2860Crossroads’ Student Leaders for 2015-16:

Back Row: Aaron Geringer, Connor McVey, Wes Huntington;

Front Row: Katie Murphy, Tierney Kelsey and Alyssa Lillehaugen

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